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Posted on October 4th, 2011 in Recent posts

Basecamp is project management software provided by 37siganals. With a focus on communication and collaboration, Basecamp is the perfect online management software for any business.

We use Basecamp to manage our various projects with our clients. Our clients have rated the software highly, as easy to use and very useful.

Its focus on team and client discussion is what especially appealed to us.

It enables us to easily communicate, through the platform, to our clients to inform them on new developments or to get information from them. Wherever the client is, we can send them information immediately and wait for their feedback.

Some features that we especially like:

  1. You can get a quick overview on the dashboard.
  2. You can track your milestones and events.
  3. It is available in multiple languages.
  4. You can re-use past templates, useful if you have similar projects.
  5. You can easily share files, easily works with email – sending updates on the project and messages to each team member.
  6. Daily Digest Email – gives a nicely formatted report on what happened on that project the day before.
  7. You can easily manage Basecamp projects on your phone. No Apps required!

According to Basecamp, over 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp to collaborate over 4 million projects, track 57 million hours of work, share 46 million files and complete 43 million to-dos.

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