Environmental Policy

We will constantly strive to recycle as much of our waste products as is possible, both within our business operations and our own personal lives, thus aiming to reduce our overall impact upon the environment. We will actively seek to encourage our clients to participate in the same environmental practices as ourselves - through our business connections, ethos and strategic alliances.


We will inform our clients, in advance, of any charges that will be required during the process, providing a written quotation in each individual case where reasonably practicable. Similarly, we will notify our clients if there are to be any extra charges prior to commencing work on their project.

Solution Provision

We will provide workable solutions that match each client’s individual requirements and needs, never attempting to oversell products or services we feel the client has no need for.


We will always strive to provide a problem-free service to our clients; occasionally we do make errors, but these will be admitted immediately upon our discovery, apologised for accordingly, and endeavoured to be rectified as soon as is practically possible.


On entering into an agreement with a client for one of our services, we will inform the business of the expected completion date and assign a dedicated Client Account Manager. At each key stage of the project, the client will be informed of its progress and development – a process which will occur at least every seven days. The corresponding Account Manager will then constantly endeavour to ensure the project is delivered either on, or prior to, the actual completion date, personally informing the client immediately if there are any unexpected delays. If the budget is to overrun in this case, the Manager will also update the client every twenty four hours to ensure maximum communication, pace and delivery is achieved.


We will, whilst performing our business procedures and services, attempt to provide useful contacts and referrals for our extended network of business associates and contacts; we aim to help businesses grow and expand for the good of all included.


We will always treat our clients with the respect, honestly and dignity we ourselves would expect from liaising with a service provider. We will treat each and every client with the same level of importance, service and attention, aiming to provide each individual business with a solution that matches, or exceeds, their expectations every time.