Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

Salesarm is a well established internet marketing company in East Yorkshire; we provide expert services to businesses. Salesarm is an evolvement and collaboration of the Eshopcreator Product and Services range.


We provide a comprehensive source of expert knowledge to any high growth business for a high potential start up or expanding an existing business with £1 million turnover.  We review your business, your aims and targets before we use our various services to increase your turnover. We offer a 100% Guaranteed ROI when working with us.

Since the rise of the digital age, new information is most commonly accessed through an online search.

According to Daily mail, in just 60seconds, Google deals with 700,000 enquiries, over 600,000 Facebook updates and 100,000 tweets. Facebook has over 500million active members and Twitter has over 200 million active users.

Social media is ripe for discovery as well as engagement. Internet marketing is the best way to increase brand awareness. Get in touch if you are interested in using social media for business marketing.

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