Our next blast from the past: Darren takes a risk with I.D. disks0

Posted on October 21st, 2011 in How it all Started, Recent posts, Team


That square cardboard key which opens the door to networking has metamorphosed into the aluminium 21st century i.d.rom.

Ever heard of the i.d.rom? A CD disk that’s circular but not circular?

Darren Wiseman began marketing the special Canadian-produced disks over 10 years ago, hailing the alternative forms of business card as the new “form of face to face business communication for the new millennium.”

Small enough to put in your pocket, conventional business cards were described as a thing of the past; these unconventional ‘disks’ were capable of storing up to 38MB of information – great for providing information and promoting business!

The Press even ran a competition as part of the feature, offering one entrant the chance to win 250 i.d.roms (worth a whopping £1000) – and Gareth Preece, owner of the Rock Steady Training firm, was the lucky winner.

Preece was excited by the prospect of the prize, describing the little disks as a “fantastic way of promoting ourselves”.

He continued: “By using film rather than still photographs potential clients can see what we do without stepping out to our course sites. That way they save time and money - and discomfort!”

It looks like the competition worked! Rock Steady Training is still going strong today, providing exciting and alternative training solutions such as environmental team building, rock climbing and wet and wild adventures.

To learn more about Rock Steady Training motivational training schemes, visit the website

And click here to read the follow-up article and find out more about the winner!

But where are i.d.roms now? Let us know if you have any more information on their current whereabouts..

The Salesarm Team

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