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Salesarm E-mail Marketing


Have you ever wondered if there's a more measurable, cost-effective, quick and environmentally friendly way to keep in touch with existing clients and customers? If so, e-newslettering is the solution for you.

E-newsletters are exactly what they say in the name - electronic newsletters that keep clients up-to-date on any progresses, changes or developments within your company. Saving time, energy and money, they eliminate printing costs, provide instant information, and can be tracked to see exactly who has followed what.

Salesarm can provide in-house solutions to your e-newslettering queries or, alternatively, choose the best external service to suit your needs. Whatever your aim for email marketing, we can help you to achieve your goal.

Possible formats for your e-newsletters

As well as email newsletters, regular information can be posted on your company website or attached to either by PDF. Here are some the advantages and disadvantages of each:

  • Plain-text email- easy and cost-effective, these are ordinary emails, useful for getting information across to clients quickly and efficiently. Disadvantage - plain-text emails cannot contain graphics or colour, resulting in information that does not necessarily catch the eye.
  • HTML email- HTML emails are the most visually appealing form of e-newsletter, as they can incorporate colour, design, aesthetics and graphics. Appearing similar to website pages themselves, HTML emails are modern, bright and eye-catching. Disadvantages - some clients may not be able to view the pages if they do not have HTML-compatible browsers or a current connection to the internet.
  • Website- posting e-newsletters on your website allows a similar amount of creativity as HTML email - you can match it to the graphics and design of your site and create an archive of previous newsletters and information. Disadvantages - customers must already be visiting your site to access the page and have a current internet connection.
  • PDF- PDF files similarly allow more room for creativity and flair, and are easy to convert from existing newsletter documents. Disadvantages - large file size, low-resolution photos and the need for an Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What next?

The advantages of each method of e-newslettering are individual to your business's specific needs - do you want to keep in touch with existing clients, show potential customers the work you have done, or provide both?

Here at Salesarm, we will help find the best solutions to email and internet marketing for you. Call us today and embark on your new e-newslettering strategy!