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Synapse Design Sings Salesarm’s Praises

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Testimonials are essential to any business; representing the voice of existing or previous customers, they add credibility, increase sales, and show customers precisely why they should use you.

As part of Salesarm's recent rebrand, we are including some of our latest testimonials on our blog to show you how and why we can help you.

Here David Kimberly describes why he would recommend Salesarm/Eshopcreator to any of his clients:



Thank you David!

To find out more about David's product and injection mould designs, which include bespoke staircases and special purpose machinery, please visit his website at or use the contact details above.

The Salesarm Team

Our next blast from the past: Darren takes a risk with I.D. disks

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That square cardboard key which opens the door to networking has metamorphosed into the aluminium 21st century i.d.rom.

Ever heard of the i.d.rom? A CD disk that’s circular but not circular?

Darren Wiseman began marketing the special Canadian-produced disks over 10 years ago, hailing the alternative forms of business card as the new “form of face to face business communication for the new millennium.”

Small enough to put in your pocket, conventional business cards were described as a thing of the past; these unconventional 'disks' were capable of storing up to 38MB of information - great for providing information and promoting business!

The Press even ran a competition as part of the feature, offering one entrant the chance to win 250 i.d.roms (worth a whopping £1000) - and Gareth Preece, owner of the Rock Steady Training firm, was the lucky winner.

Preece was excited by the prospect of the prize, describing the little disks as a "fantastic way of promoting ourselves".

He continued: "By using film rather than still photographs potential clients can see what we do without stepping out to our course sites. That way they save time and money - and discomfort!"

It looks like the competition worked! Rock Steady Training is still going strong today, providing exciting and alternative training solutions such as environmental team building, rock climbing and wet and wild adventures.

To learn more about Rock Steady Training motivational training schemes, visit the website

And click here to read the follow-up article and find out more about the winner!

But where are i.d.roms now? Let us know if you have any more information on their current whereabouts..

The Salesarm Team

Another prize for Darren!

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Darren Wiseman presented with BNI Notable Networker Award


Congratulations are in order once again, as Salesarm’s CEO, Darren Wiseman, wins yet another award this month!

Following quickly on from his Entrepreneur of the Month award last week pokies online games - as featured in the Selby Post newspaper shown here - Darren was awarded with the ‘Notable Networker Award’ earlier this week.

Darren received the award due to his ‘outstanding performance at BNI networking events’ - which regularly occur at six in the morning (we think he deserves an award just for that!)

Darren has been a Group Director of the York group, Jorvik Lions for six months and is very proud to have received the accolade.


Well done Darren!

The Salesarm Team


Salesarm gets Referral Ready

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The Salesarm team would like to extend a big thank you to BNI Yorkshire North and Ewan Sturman for last night's enlightening presentation on Referral Skills Training.

Three members of the Salesarm team attended the event at the Novotel Hotel in York with pens and business cards at the ready, and were pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information they took away from the evening.

Ewan gave an informative and eye-opening presentation that certainly got BNI's business minds buzzing. His entertaining and insightful presentation highlighted  the importance of gaining good quality, accurate business referrals, and made us ask why we don't get the referrals we deserve and how we are going to change this.

Thanks to Ewan and the directors of BNI Yorkshire North, Salesarm is now armed with the tools and know-how to become referral-savvy; an exciting prospect for the rebranded company!

To find out more information on Ewan Sturman and business referrals, visit:

Or for more information on BNI Yorkshire North, go to:

Helping others helps yourself - get referral ready!

The Salesarm Team

Here’s to a Sweeter Cup of Tea with Recognition Express

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Thanks to Richard Norton of Recognition Express, Salesarm's cups of tea now look a whole lot sweeter!

These inexpensive, eye-catching promotional mugs were produced for the Salesarm stand at East Yorkshire's Business Expo at Brantingham Park earlier this month.

Salesarm's CEO, Darren Wiseman, explains here why Recognition Express is the number one place for all your promotional needs:


As regular speakers and presenters at Business Expos and events around the Yorkshire region, our brand identity is very important to us.

Having recently rebranded to Salesarm, after over 12 years as Eshopcreator, part of our implementation plan over the next 12 months is to reinforce and create a strong awareness of our brand identity - to existing, potential and new clients, enabling us to develop much stronger long-term business relationships.

Recently we were speaking at the East Yorkshire Business Expo and required some mugs with our branding on.

We were very busy in the preparation for the event and we were very late in getting the required graphical collateral over to Richard until the Monday for the event on the Wednesday. Despite this, and the fact that Richards’s wife had just given birth (so any expectations in such circumstances that delivery could be made went out of the window), Richard called us and asked if we “could leave it with him for an hour and he would get back to us!”

Amazingly, Richard called an hour later and advised us that the mugs would be prepared, ready and delivered to our venue on the day of the event.

As promised, our mugs were delivered to the event and we were highly impressed with not only the quality but also the price.

I am now proud to say that not a single client is allowed to leave the office without a presentation taking place.

I can only highly recommend Richard to any business looking to grow their brand recognition and identity through promotional materials and products.

Kind Regards
Darren Wiseman CEO


From promotional keyrings to badges, banners and display stands, corporate work clothing and much more, Recognition Express has it all. Visit their website to find out more!

Here's to many more cups of tea with Recognition Express,

The Salesarm Team.

Darren Wiseman crowned Entrepreneur of the Month!

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Congratulations to Darren, Salesarm’s very own CEO, for winning the coveted title of Entrepreneur of the Month last week at Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle!

Steve Bentley presented the award to Darren at the North Yorkshire Business Growth Advisors’ Group last Monday.

Darren and the team are thrilled at receiving the title just less than a week after Salesarm's relaunch. To find out more about the Business Growth Advisors' group, please visit

What’s next for Salesarm?
Stay in touch to find out,

The Salesarm Team


Successful launch at East Yorkshire Business Expo

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Yesterday, the Salesarm team went to Brantingham Park for our long awaited re-launch.

Companies from across the region attended the event, each having stands exhibiting their products and services. There were various seminars and workshops going on throughout the day, hopefully you managed to attend the internationally renowned, motivational speaker Paul Clarke’s seminar.

With around 2000 people at the event, it was the best way for us to make new business contacts and network with like minded businesses.

After the first hour, there was a buzzing atmosphere with an influx of potential clients circulating the room. We had a lot of people visit our stand, maybe it was our great freebies. Who can resist free pens and mugs?

Darren Wiseman, CEO of Salesarm conducted the taster workshop ‘Social Media Networking’ three times throughout the day. The hour long workshops were conducted in the marquee outside the building. Unfortunately, the wind wanted to get in on the action but we managed to incorporate this into the workshop.

If you attended our workshops, please tell us what you thought of it and how useful the information given was to you.

We hope you all had a great day! If you entered our competition, keep reading as we will be picking our winner shortly.

In the meantime, take a look at the press release for the event below:

Press Release for East Yorkshire Business Expo

Good luck!
The Salesarm Team

3 reasons to use Highrise

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Highrise is a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service by 37signals.

The service is one the easiest ways to monitor the progress of your company’s workflow.

It’s an easy way to keep track of business contacts for all member of your team. You can easily manage your company’s interactions with current and potential customers.

You can:
1. Save and organise notes and email conversations for up to 30,000 costumers and contacts.
2. Keep track of proposals and deals. Easy share with all members of your company.
3. You’ll never forget to follow up on that important phone call as you can subscribe to receive text message or email reminders.

The service is used by thousands of small businesses to manage over 15 million contacts.

Therefore, unsurprisingly our company uses Highrise to keep track of our interactions with our clients. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our clients.

For more info, please visit

Why use Basecamp?

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Basecamp is project management software provided by 37siganals. With a focus on communication and collaboration, Basecamp is the perfect online management software for any business.

We use Basecamp to manage our various projects with our clients. Our clients have rated the software highly, as easy to use and very useful.

Its focus on team and client discussion is what especially appealed to us.

It enables us to easily communicate, through the platform, to our clients to inform them on new developments or to get information from them. Wherever the client is, we can send them information immediately and wait for their feedback.

Some features that we especially like:

  1. You can get a quick overview on the dashboard.
  2. You can track your milestones and events.
  3. It is available in multiple languages.
  4. You can re-use past templates, useful if you have similar projects.
  5. You can easily share files, easily works with email – sending updates on the project and messages to each team member.
  6. Daily Digest Email – gives a nicely formatted report on what happened on that project the day before.
  7. You can easily manage Basecamp projects on your phone. No Apps required!

According to Basecamp, over 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp to collaborate over 4 million projects, track 57 million hours of work, share 46 million files and complete 43 million to-dos.

For more info, visit




‘Blogging is a waste of time!’

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Most companies are unconvinced it comes to choosing blogging as part of their marketing strategy. Conversational marketing is still a misunderstood and wrongly used concept.

1. Blogging is not a chore but a great way to communicate with the costumers and give them expert advice and generate loyal fans.

However, do not expect results overnight.

2. Blogging requires persistence and commitment. What you get out of it, is what you put into it!
It is a way for companies to actually participate in the community.

Remember: Not all conversations are marketing opportunities.

3.  Blogging is not about only selling your products and services but is about engaging with the costumers, sharing expertise, advice, news and most importantly listening to the conversations about and around your brand from existing and potential customers as well as your competitors.

To find out more, please check out the blogging section on our website!

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